Ilford Delta 400 Pro
35mm 400 ISO Black and White 30¢/photo

August 9, 2017

Ilford Delta 400 Pro

Manufacturer Description
A ISO 400 high speed film giving images with extraordinary depth and dimension, DELTA 400 PROFESSIONAL provides an almost unrivalled combination of speed and sharpness with a width of tonal range that retains subtlety and detail. The liberating speed of DELTA 400 PROFESSIONAL allows fast action to be frozen, great depth of field, excellent results in low lighting conditions, the freedom of a handheld camera and yet still provides the fine grain and level of detail normally associated with ISO 100 films.
Data Sheet [PDF] – Ilford
$10.99 for 1 roll of 36exp – Amazon
Kovallam 02 foliage, botanical garden, vienna, austria 000013_edit

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