Rollei Digibase CR 200
35mm 200 ISO Slide Film 27¢/photo

March 6, 2017

Rollei Digibase CR 200

Manufacturer Description
Rollei Digibase CR200 PRO is a medium-speed daylight-balanced color transparency film (positive) with a nominal sensitivity of ISO 200 and good reciprocity characteristics for long exposures. It is characterized by high color saturation with a neutral gray balance for vivid, yet realistic, results. The film also features a fine grain structure with high sharpness, and is coated on a transparent synthetic base to make it particularly well-suited for scanning applications.
Rollei CR 200 is an excellent color slide film in the style of the old ‘Agfa RSX II 200’, with rich, warm colors and subtle contrasts, an excellent choice for those who prefer warmer images.
Data Sheet [PDF] – Rollei
$9.99 for 1 rolls of 36exp –
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